Wedding Invitations – Quality First!

Wedding Invitations. What is important, what should the bride and groom be beware of.
Wedding invitations, especially for our clients have to be luxury and a perfect match, look and feel for the clients wedding concept.

You must know that quality has it’s price so we realize many clients make the mistake to look at the price point before looking into other facts. When not ordering from NANGFA customer risk to order something that might has a much lower quality or is even a illegal copy from a design developed from us.
All this can trouble later. We recommend ordering wedding invitations such as silk invitation boxes, wedding folder, silk pouches and suitable mailing boxes from NANGFA because for us quality and service comes always first!

Wedding Invitations   Quality First!

Wedding Invitation

Founder of Wisser Group Co.,Ltd, and several other companies located in Thailand. Mr. Wisser is interested in the wedding and packaging industry and manufacturing luxury silk invitations and packaging solutions since 2006.

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