Personalized Wedding Favor Boxes

Personalized Wedding Favor BoxesMany soon-to-be married couples marveled at various wedding articles discussing the inimitability of personalized wedding favor boxes.

No doubt, there is nothing more magical than translating you and your partner’s individuality, taste, and style into material things, such as your wedding table signs and even pocket fold invites.

The following are some wedding favor boxes’ designs that you may want to incorporate in yours:

  • Ribbons – If you wish to have a popular high-end look on your favor boxes then incorporate some ribbons on them. Use two ribbons; position the thicker one at the bottom and the thinner one on top of the boxes to balance the look. With this embellishment, you are not required to always work with solids. You can utilize two subtle patterns, or only go for one ribbon decorated with interesting details, such as saddle stitched edges. You can also have fun trying out with sheers instead of solids. For a more appealing presentation, you can thread rhinestone on the ribbons to grace the top of the favor box.
  • Stamps – A fast and incredible way to personalize favor boxes and even wedding invitation boxes is through the use of stamps. Stamping actually works most efficiently if you are using smooth card stock for your boxes, yet never too glossy. Select a motif and color scheme, which are very significant to you and your soon-to-be spouse.
  • Paper Wrap Bands – In reality, paper wrap bands are underrated and least favorite. However, these materials are really good additions to sliding or tuck-top boxes. You just have to make use of a lovely stationery or paper such as scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, a design you simply downloaded from a stock image website, or even a drawing or painting of yours. You can then utilize a paper cutter to cut and slice your paper into strip bands, which can be as thick as your favor boxes or thinner depending on your preference. Use a glue to wrap them around the box. You’ll be delighted to know that a square customized label looks great on the top part of a paper band.
  • Tissues – If you are familiar about boxes using semi-translucent colored tissues, then you can adapt this method in your favor boxes. You just need to tie the tissue on top together with a ribbon and append a personalized monogram sticker to it. Organza and tulle can also be wrapped to the boxes. Keep in mind that any box wrapped in shiny or shimmery materials instantly looks very bridal.
  • Emboss – Tailor-embossed favor boxes are no doubt very chic, but seldom used in personalized wedding favor boxes. If you opt for this design, all you will need is a metal disc and an embosser with your personalized design or monogram. Order flat-packed boxes and emboss the box’s front or top part prior to folding it. While this method is quite pricey, you can benefit from the embosser for life since you can use it to customize your envelope flaps, stationery, and even invitation and thank-you cards.
  • Glossy Paper – After finding wholesale silk invitation boxes, favor boxes wrapped in glossy paper will surely work really well with your invitations.

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