Gold Color Crown Brooch Embellished Silk Wedding Invitation Box For A Luxury Event

Today we feature this special design from our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Our gold silk wedding invitation box is fully padded inside and outside with breath taking rhinestone crown brooch embellishment. This wedding event required a gold color theme so we worked only with gold tones on this boxed wedding invitation creation for our client. Fully handmade as all our silk invitation. The inside has our classic ribbon holder in the center inside, is padded and features pocket holder behind each door. A two inches wide singe faced satin ribbon and unique crown brooches with rhinestone crystal and gold plating ensure the extra bling the bride and groom required for their wedding invitations. Comes in all imaginable colors and sizes and can be customized from A to Z for you.
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Silk Wedding Invitations

Luxury silk invitation boxes for wedding + formal event

Gold color silk invitation box

Luxury embellishment for silk invitation boxes

For formal event + wedding invitations use our wedding invitation  boxes

Wedding invitation in box design, covered in fine silk for a luxury event

Wedding card invitation boxes

Wedding invitation boxes for luxury wedding events

Wedding Invitation Box

Silk Wedding Invitation Box

New silk covered wedding invitation boxes + silk invitations featured on

Howdy! Check out our latest trend designs now featured on
Our team has designed and uploaded recently new wedding invitation box designs including some fancy embellished silk invitation boxes. We also feature brand new monogram embroidered folio invitations, new silk envelopes and a great new selection of luxury rhinestone embellished silk favor boxes. Check them out and enjoy!

Handmade luxury silk folio invitations

Monogram embroidered silk folio

Embellished burdundy wedding invitation

Super unique silk folio / envelope in burgundy silk with tassel

Taffeta silk drawsring bag

Embroidered chocolate brown drawstring bag

Black card stock hinged lid invitation box

Black card stock hinged lid invitation box

Luxury silk invitation

Silk folio with silver silk, golden rhinestone brooch and ribbon in lavender color

Embroidered ivory folio invitation

Embroidered ivory folio invitation

Embellished velvet wedding invitation box

Velvet wedding invitation box

Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift – How Much to Spend

If your mailbox is filled with wedding invitations, you are probably wondering how much to spend on each gift. There is an etiquette to wedding gifts, and it is important to follow certain guidelines in terms of spending and gift selection.
The amount you are expected to spend is dictated by a number of factors, including your relationship with the bride or groom and the nature of the ceremony. Brides who are planning a high-end wedding at the local country club may have greater expectations in terms of gifts, while other couples may be looking for nothing more than basic household items to get them started in their new home.
Co-workers and Casual Acquaintances
If you are attending the wedding of a co-worker or casual acquaintance, you should shoot for a gift costing between $75-100. A large number of popular home appliances and furnishings fall into that category, so you should be able to find something quite nice.
Be sure to consult the bridal registry when choosing a gift. Having a predetermined list to choose from will make selecting a good present – and staying within your budget – a lot easier.
Family Members and Close Friends
You can expect to spend a bit more on a wedding gift for a close friend or family member. Wedding planners and etiquette experts recommend spending between $100 and $150 on a wedding gift for a family member or close friend. If you are particularly close to the bride and groom and want to make a real impression, you are free to spend a bit more.
Personal Preference
In the end, how much to spend on a wedding present is a personal decision. You may feel that a particular wedding ceremony warrants a more elaborate and more expensive gift, even if the bride or groom is not a close relative or lifelong friend.
No matter how much you ultimately spend, it is always a good idea to review the bridal registry before going off on your own. If everything on the bridal registry has already been purchased or the remaining items are outside your price range, you may need to venture off the list. If not, buying from the registry is the best way to ensure the happy couple will get something they really want and need.

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Wedding Invitation Tips

Picture of vintage wedding

Vintage Themed Wedding

Selecting your wedding invitations is simple if you follow a few important tips that will help you to narrow down your selection. Designs vary on several facets including color, texture, calligraphy, and style. Each one of these facets can be implemented to create a unique look while offering a hint to the theme or style of event that the bride and groom will have on their wedding day.

Choosing your wedding invitations to follow the formality of the event is critical in coordinating your wedding. The invitation gives the guests a glimpse into the type of wedding ceremony and reception you have planned. It allows your guests a chance to plan what they will purchase as a gift as well as what they will wear to the events.

If your wedding is to be an informal event at the beach, then informal or casual invitations are in order. On the other hand, if you are planning a formal event at a church or suitable location, you are probably going to want to select invitations with a more traditional style. Your guests are likely to select their attire in accordance with the styling of the invitation as well as the location of the events.

Now that you have the style of your invitation chosen, you can consider the color of the text as well as the coloring of the invitation paper itself. Many brides elect to have the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses as the color for the text. Even though the majority of wedding invitations are white, off white, or some variation of these, it is possible to purchase pastel colored or patterned notes.

In fact, paper with a floral pattern is becoming more and more popular with today’s brides. Selecting any color at all for the text will suggest to your guests that your wedding is also implementing that color throughout the event. The only colors that don’t suggest this idea are black, gold, and silver.

The response cards should also match the invitations in every aspect. While their importance is critical in planning the wedding reception, their styling is simply a matter of practicality.

For those brides who have an abundance of funds set aside for this special day, customized wedding invitations can be the best way to create a unique design that says it all. Customized designs are readily obtainable online or through specialty shops.

Enjoy Your Wedding on the Beach

There are few things as magical and beautiful as a wedding on the beach. A beach wedding can be an amazing experience, and what could be more romantic than saying your vows as the sun sets on a fabulous tropical venue.

There are of course many different destinations for the perfect beach weddings, from the local to the exotic. Some brides to be may choose the luxury and beauty of Bermuda or a lovely Mexican resort, while others may opt for a more convenient location closer to home.

No matter what type of beach wedding is planned, it is important to start that planning as early as possible. The rule of thumb is that the further from home the wedding is held the more time will be required. It is important to allow plenty of time for all the little details, like making hotel reservations, securing plane tickets and getting out those invitations in plenty of time.

There is no doubt that a beach wedding creates lasting memories, and it is important to give that wedding the attention it deserves. Getting married on the beach is one of the most romantic things any couple can do, but the key is to plan carefully o make sure that wedding lives up to all your dreams.

Beach Wedding

Tips & Trends All About Beach Wedding

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The Royal Wedding: All You Need to Know

The Royal Wedding: All You Need to Know

It’s the fairytale wedding the whole world is waiting for. On Friday April 29 His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales will marry Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London.

The royal wedding of London, UK

The royal wedding of London, UK

The Wedding of the Century
When Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, married Prince Charles in 1981, around 750 million people witnessed the ceremony worldwide, and at least two million onlookers lined the streets of London for the procession. For this wedding, some experts expect a worldwide audience of between one and two billion. As well as watching on TV, people can now watch online, on mobile phones, on iPads, and more. Gordon Brown was probably right when he called this event the “wedding of the century.”

The Ceremony
At 11:00 a.m. (BST) the actual ceremony will begin at Westminster Abbey. Situated next to the Houses of Parliament in the centre of London, the Abbey is a colossal Gothic church that still holds daily services. It will be a poignant day for Prince William, as it was also the setting for his mother’s funeral in 1997. As well as being one of London’s major tourist attractions, Westminster Abbey is the traditional burial place for many monarchs, and has been the chosen venue for coronations since William the Conqueror in 1066. The most recent coronation was Prince William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth the second, witnessed on television by the general public for the first time in 1953.

The Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall, has been invited to conduct the service. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, will marry Miss Middleton and Prince William, and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres will give the address.

The Dress
It’s one of the most talked about aspects of the royal wedding. What is the bride’s wedding dress going to be like? Modern or classical, ivory or white? Nobody knows for sure, but the biggest rumour going around is that the late designer Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton has been given the honour of designing the royal gown.

The Guests
Around 1,900 guests have already been invited to the service, and more than half of these are family and friends. There will be many UK and foreign dignitaries, politicians, members of the armed forces (including soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan), and representatives from different charities and faith organizations. One hundred lucky members of the British public will be invited to the service by means of a lottery draw. The guest list will also include a number of celebrities. David and Victoria Beckham are rumoured to be invited. Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, and a sprinkling of Hollywood stars will probably be in attendance, but we will have to wait and see.

The Procession
If you want to witness the occasion at first hand, Miss Middleton will travel by car to the wedding service from Buckingham Palace, passing The Mall, Horse Guard’s Parade, the Cenotaph, and the Houses of Parliament. (Less able people can apply online for specially designated spots along the route.) After the ceremony, she and Prince William will travel back to Buckingham Palace along the same route in a horse-drawn carriage.

The Kiss
Pleasant temperatures are predicted for the end of April, with no rain expected to fall. If this turns out to be true, everyone should be able to get a good view of the newly-wed couple when they appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at around 1:30 p.m. As well as witnessing the famous couple kiss, onlookers will be treated to a flyover by the Royal Air Force.

The Reception
Her Majesty The Queen will host the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. The newlyweds will probably then appreciate some time to themselves before the private dinner and dance in the evening. This event will be reserved for the closest family and friends and will be hosted by the groom’s father, Prince Charles.

The Future
After spending the night at Buckingham Palace, the royal couple will finally be able to spend some precious time alone at their secret honeymoon destination. Nobody knows where this will be, but it probably won’t be a lavish affair as they want to appear more frugal in these tough economic times.

The almighty gaze of the world’s media will probably have taken its toll on the royal couple by the time of their honeymoon. They need to make the most of this tranquil time alone. When they return to public duty, the whole world will once again be watching their every move.

Here is now also NANGFA’s new collection of folio invitations

2015 Trend For Luxury Wedding + Baptism Invitations – Velvet Folios Folder Featuring Crystal Embellishment

Our new velvet invitation designs seems to become the new trend this year. Just recently designed and already sold over 200 units after just a view days thanks to our amazing customer. featured are pocket folder in the shape on an envelope with thick quality velvet cover, fine padding, pockets and card holder on the inside. To spice the design a little up we have added our famous crystal and pearl brooch embellishments.
Available in standard sizes including 7x7x1 inches, 6x9x1 inches or in bespoke sizes we made them available in hundreds of colors.
In a view hours our designer will have finished another amazing velvet invitation design which we will feature of course on our wholesale platform till Monday.
Below pictures of the first designs that became very well received in the US, South Africa as well as Germany and England.

Velvet invitations

Folio, covered with velvet for wedding invitations, Christening, Baptism as well as Traditional Jewish events

velvet envelope + folio for Christening, Sweet Sixteen, Wedding, Gay Weddings

Red velvet envelope with large pearl crown brooch for wedding + Christening invitations

Thai silk gift boxes for gift sets + spa sets featuring embroidery for wholesale by manufacturer

Today we would like to share with you one of our embroidered silk gift boxes featuring Asian chopstick set with hand-made ceramic holder.
This design has a beautiful modern lotus flower embroidery in deep pink.
The silk lid is removable and covered with a chocolate brown silk.
The base was made in deep pink, matching to the embroidery color with smart separation for chopsticks and ceramic accessory. The interior is padded. This design can be customized in size and color.
The idea is for companies to order in their corporate colors and with logo embroidery in addition or instead of the lotus flower embroidery.
For budget orders the idea is to replace embroidery with a simple logo print. Our factory has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of silk boxes for spa gift sets, Christmas, stationary and even wedding invitation boxes. We love to design silk boxes and work on many OEM jobs on daily basis.
If you have a wholesale inquiry, send us your e-mail here

Detail picture of our chopstick + ceramic gift set with silk box

Detail picture of our chopstick + ceramic gift set with silk box

Clouse-up picture of embroidered silk gift box featuring chopstick set

Clouse-up picture of embroidered silk gift box featuring chopstick set

Brown Thai silk box with chopstick set

Embroidered silk box for spa + gift sets

New luxury trend silk wedding invitation boxes, silk folios + wedding pouches for 2015

The new year has started. 2015 will be a year for us to renew our collections, to create hundreds of new designs and ideas for you.
We have recently worked on several new packaging, folio and invitation box designs and started uploading them.
We believe all luxury wedding invitation designs should start with one of our hand-made and luxury wedding invitation designs.
Quality is better than ever, it has been now the 10th year we have been permanently designing and improving our designs.
Check out our new luxury wedding invitation creations here:
2015 trend luxury wedding invitations

Wedding box with linen + silk featyring bow

Linen box for wedding cards featuring bow embellishment

silk wedding invitation box in magenta

Magenta color two door silk invitation box

Light green silk gate folder

Luxury plain silk invitation folder for wedding cards

Aqua blue silk invitation folio + luxury brooch embellishment

Embellished aqua blue silk folder with rhinestone metal clasp for wedding cards